What Happens in Vegas Totally Comes Back With You

My mom and sisters and I went on a trip to Las Vegas this weekend to see Donny and Marie Osmond perform.

The primary reasons I went, however, are listed below:

1. Uninterrupted conversation.
2. A long car-ride where I could just look out the window and at my phone.
3. Uninterrupted conversation.
4. Sleeping in.
5. Spending UNINTERRUPTED time with my mom and sisters.

We laughed. We cried (reminiscing about my dad). We were extremely annoying to any person in our immediate vicinity.

We ate a lot of food.

At the age of 41, I learned that there is one side of my face that is better than the other. It revolutionized my picture-posing! From now on, all who know me are hereby instructed to look only at my right side. Not your right, mine. Take note.

My mom. She cried as we drove back, knowing what a rare opportunity it was for all of us to have time together, untethered by the 14,000 responsibilities between us. I felt so grateful for her. She is fun, she is generous, she is smart, and she is dear.

I would drive anywhere with these ladies.

Provided the car is air conditioned.