Cracking the Whip...on MYSELF

I had a really fun experience back in June, when I challenged myself to write (1) a song (2) that I like (3) in one week.

It was super hard. A total slog. (Aside: I initially wrote "slag," and then checked the meaning, which is "a lewd and promiscuous woman." Eek!)

BUT. I actually got a song I liked out of it. So I said to myself, I'm going to do this every month! I did not do it every month. In October I was like, I am doing this, mo-fo! I did not do it in October.

Thus, the accountability that comes with challenging myself on my blog. I am cracking the proverbial whip on myself.

The best whip-cracker ever, of course, is Indiana Jones. So Indy's going to help me (1) write a song (2) that I like (3) in one week.

It's really hard, you guys. Like, right now, as I write this, I feel the dread and insecurity settling on my chest.

Do you think Indiana Jones would engage in such negative talk? Absolutely not. Indiana Jones would get to work! Crack!