Emoji Conversion

I resisted emojis, really I did. But then I discovered the thumbs up.

It's just so perfect. Friendlier than saying "OK," but more muted than anything with an exclamation point. (OK! Sounds good! See you then!)

After my satisfaction with the thumbs up, I started looking further. So many options! Who needs an exclamation point? Clearly I do, but isn't it nice to mix things up? Some favorites below:

What kind of misanthropic Scrooge doesn't like a nice wink? I LOVE a nice wink.

Smiley face perfection. I'm not judging the many other smiley faces. If there is one thing I always say, it's that you have to find the smiley face that's right for you.

This perfectly sums up my feelings when I see a cute picture of a kid. Any kid, truly, but let's call a spade a spade, especially a picture of mine.

This one I use primarily with my sisters, who are offensive, sarcastic little snots just like me.

There are other emojis that I won't elaborate on, those shared between me and Tyler. Thank me.