The Internets, Part I

So, 1995 was twenty years ago. It is as far from me now as 1954 was when I was born. Except that 1954 was so far away IT NEVER HAPPENED. Getting older is super trippy, but that's another post.

I want to talk about how I'm not sure how I lived without the internet.

I totally get the wariness about it. I've seen the horror stories about chat rooms, and social media and all that. Geez, Facebook is it's own critic. Tyler told me he saw some quote about how 90% of posts on Facebook are telling people how they should/shouldn't use Facebook.

But there's this thing that I've noticed, I call it Technology Panic. Articles and tweets and statuses about how CHILDREN USED TO PLAY WITH STICKS and OUTSIDE WAS MY YOUTUBE and NOBODY EVER TALKS ANYMORE and yadda yadda.

It's not going away, though, is it? Say it with me. Technology is not going away. Human beings, the great adaptors, will learn a lot about moderation, and standing up to your dang kids, and self-regulation, different ways of connecting, and all kinds of other things because of, you know. Technology.

It's not all bad and this is how I know that.

I believe I have proved my point.

Sometimes your kids could be doing puzzles instead of internet-ing.

Awww! Now, THAT mom's kids are going to be a-OK!

But sometimes...

...maybe internet-ing was actually time better spent. Know what I'm saying?