Mouthful of Jelly Beans, AKA Take Note

Last week, Truman was throwing a tantrum, and you're going to like the reason why. I bought him some jelly beans. I handed them to him in little clumps until he was holding every jelly bean that came out of the vending machine. He shoved them into his mouth, then looked at Matthew's jelly beans.

He wanted Matthew's jelly beans.

When he realized he wasn't getting them, Truman began to wail. I looked at him in the rear view mirror, crying for jelly beans. Through his mouth full of jelly beans.

I have to acknowledge this life lesson. It hit me like an anvil the minute I noticed what Truman was doing.

I cannot pretend that my life with all these young kids is easy. But I can take note of those little people more than I do. I can be careful of the expectations I place on them, and the life I have because they are in it.

It is such a beautiful life.