Star Wars. Staaaaar Waaaaaaars!

Star Wars. We're going to a 4:00 screening today, which means it won't start till 4:30 because oh my hell with the advertisements, and they still make us buy $7 popcorn. Bad form, movie theaters. Bad form.

It's not opening day, but it's the day after, which is usually not in Tyler's wheelhouse. He roots for underdogs, always, and if something is enjoyed by the masses he is automatically less likely to enjoy it. We are still going.

And he you say. Stoked?
Because Star Wars. Empire Strikes Back. Return of the Jedi, which I love, even though it is considered lesser.

I know there's all the Darth Vader breathing and "I am your father" and the Millenium Falcon and Luke whining about power converters and the amaaaazing John Williams score but for me? For me. There is Han Solo holding Princess Leia's hand while she blankly tells him "my hands are dirty" and then  he kisses her and C-3PO walks in yapping, yapping like always and ruins everything. 

And Leia calling out to Han as he's about to be frozen, "I love you!" and the perfect, the most perfect Han Solo reply - "I know." He did, he totally knew.

If they don't have them together and happy in this I don't know what I'll do. I think when I hear that music, though, there are going to be some tears.

And to have it in the hands of J.J. Abrams instead of George Lucas. I have so much faith in it!