The Stillman Shepherds

Last night was our LDS ward Christmas party. We were all asked to dress like they did in Jesus' time.

We did it. We're game.

Pink flower and butterflies were not on the fashion spectrum in those days, but I strove for authenticity in other areas. The "no makeup" area, for instance.

When we got there, everybody was in the chapel watching a video. I looked around. There was not one obvious sheet-wearer in the whole group. Oh, I'm sure there were sheets. But none of the sheets screamed "I'm a sheet! Clearly I'm a sheet! From your daughters' bed!"

Not only did everyone in that ward seem to have biblical-appropriate attire at their fingertips, they had the nerve to have EXTRA biblical-appropriate attire. There were boxes of robes, ties, and headgear. The Mesa Hills ward is like that kid in class that goes for extra credit even though they have the highest score in the class.

We looked better when they were done with us. Truman, he looked more like John Travolta in Stayin' Alive than a shepherd baby. I was much happier in my flattering vertical biblical stripes.

Caroline looked like a really cute pirate.

Photo courtesy of Jill.
They had to do CPR on me when I saw this one, because I DIED FROM THE CUTENESS.
Tis the season! Thank you, Mesa Hills ward overachievers, it was a great party.