Goodbye for Now

Oh, my GOSH. If I don't blog regularly, there is no blog post that seems good enough, and then I don't blog at all.

We have been alive. Even pretty busy.

One important event was attending the Salt Lake funeral of Tyler's grandma Mari Lou, a woman who was always kind and gracious to me.

Look at this lady! What a dish! Tyler got his deep, dark eyes from his grandpa Dave, who I never met.

She carried the burden of age longer than she would have wished, so it was time for her to go. I wish her happiness on her way.

We're back in frozen Cedar City, doing homework, practicing piano, packing lunches, playing Shopkins. It's a great life. It is so loud, but a great life.

I'm struck by how similar our lives really are. Whatever our individual experiences, we all start young, we all grow up, we all feel disappointment and disillusionment, we all find a way to hope for and experience good things in spite of (because of) such lessons. And someday, we all go.

Debra Downer! Wah, wah, wah!

To cheer you up, I will leave you with a snapshot from my youth. I did not look as put together as Mari Lou.

So many wrong things.