I Will Lose Sleep for Celine

On Saturday I jumped into a car with a bunch of ladies from my neighborhood and we drove to Las Vegas to see Celine Dion perform.

You may not be a fan. But I challenge any person to listen to her live and be nonchalant about the power and beauty of her voice.

Additionally, if you see Celine Dion in a blue dress, slowly being raised up on a stage with water falling all around her, belting "yoooouuuu'rrrre heerrrreee....there's NOOOOOOOOTHING I feeaaaarrrr" and you don't feel like crying, you don't have a soul.

Before the show we were trying to decide between dinner at P.F. Chang's or Cheesecake Factory. We felt so free that we got lettuce wraps from P.F.'s and dinner at Cheesecake. I know, it was crazy. Like, what will we do next?

We didn't leave Vegas until 11:30 Cedar City time. Do you know what time I usually go to bed? Ideally, nine. Nine-thirty is a little late, and I crawled into bed at 2am. I never do that. I never did that, not even when I was in college or law school. That's how much I love sleep.  I love it more than good grades. I love it more than fun. Tyler says that if I had to choose between him and good sleep the rest of my life, I would choose good sleep. How dare he. How dare he be very, very close to exactly right.

It was so fun, car ride to dinner to Celine to car ride. There was giggling, insight, and a more than dash of naughtiness. I love all those things!

Cheesecake Factory. Blondes on one side, brunettes on other.

Brunettes. Blurry Tiffany.

Waiting for our Celine, who I know would love us if she knew us.
Oh, my gosh. So far away.


  1. I am not going to lie.... This post made me veeeerrrryyyyy jealous! I love Celine... Bart, not so much, but after we saw her like forever ago... He was in awe! Such a fabulous vocalist! What a perfect trip! Again... Jealous! In a good way! ;)


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