New Year's Resolution: Think Less

The holidays were wonderful. But the intense kind of wonderful that is so wonderful you're relieved when it's finally over. We partied, we puzzled, we ate, we socialized like it was 1999. Then we drove home and unpacked. I felt a little blue, then I enjoyed the next seven days watching my kids play with their Christmas toys in their pajamas.

Puzzles at the Stillmans!

Puzzles at the Lowes!

Nativity cousins!

More nativity cousins!
On to the New Year. Last year I had only one resolution - to drink more water. It was a massive failure. Good for me! I am a human being!

That will not stop setting me from goals, haters. This year I will have only one, and it has a title. My goal is titled KEEP MOVING.

Deb's my name, feeling overwhelmed is my game. I sometimes switch off and bury my head in the sand.* There are endless interruptions and screeching halts when you have young kids, and I get discouraged pretty easily. So I need to think less and move more.

But Debra, you have kids! Don't you automatically have to move all the time?

No, actually. Mornings? Late afternoon to bedtime? Yes. Moving all the time. Like a mouse on a wheel. Like Sisyphus rolling that lousy rock up that blasted hill.

But I have down time here and there during the day. Such moments are so priceless, so precious, that I often enter a stupor-like state where all I can think is that I have less time to myself than I did two minutes ago. Being frozen by all I could do often means that I don'

So there you have it. Think less. Move more. Drink more water. Kidding on that last one. Wish me luck!

*I actually think burying your head in the sand is a talent, if employed in the proper way. Like, have some chocolate over here. Maybe a little Netflix. Other numbing devices, such as heroin or prostitutes, would not qualify as the proper way.