Donal Burton Lowe

My dad died four years ago today. At the time, I was glad he passed on February 29th. We would only have to be especially sad once every four years. Now it feels like a cheat.

I don't like to think about that day. But I do like to think about him. Here are three things I want to thank my dad for doing.

1. Loving my mom. My dad loooooooved my mom. She was more comfortable with him than anyone, and he brought out the best in her. He believed in her. He thought highly of her. He had her back, always. 

2. Listening. My dad saw other people. He noticed them, was curious about them. He asked them about themselves and cared about their answer. 

3. His effort. My dad tried, really tried, in all the ways that matter. He had weaknesses (like everyone), but he acknowledged and tackled them (not like everyone). He became a better person over the course of his life. He didn't waste his opportunities for growth. 

I wrote a song soon after he died, and I share it to honor him (not because it's a perfect or great song, but because it's from my heart).

Every word of this song is the truth. They are words about Donal Burton Lowe. He was here, and he was real. I believe with a depth of experience that I can't articulate that he is still real. There will come a day that I put my arms around him tell him "I missed you, Dad."

We all miss him.


  1. This is beautiful Debra. You're beautiful. My Dad has been gone for 20 years now, this song brought back some fresh emotion. I feel blessed to have known your dad. #2 on your list of "thank you's" to your Dad, I experienced first hand with him. Whenever he asked me how I was, he stopped, looked me in the eye and listened. He cared about my answer. Tonight I pray that you and your sweet family feel peace, comfort and love as you remember your Father.

    1. Thank you for these sweet thoughts!


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