Halfway through February

Whenever someone posts about their mild temperatures during winter, I am un-phased. I love Utah. I mean, I loooooove Utah. I love the dry climate. The heart-stopping mountain ranges. The sky, the sky, the sky. Nowhere else can touch it, not in my book.

For all this, I have only to make it through January and February. We've almost done it again. It's a long way to December 26th!

This weekend the sun came out and the temperature came up. We had some grandmas come to town for Claire's Grandparents program on Friday, which was divine. Then, the grandmas, who have some nerve to have lives of their own, went back to Salt Lake while we went to the park.

Discovery Park is a favorite of my kids. I hate it because every single one of my kids has gotten scary lost there. We took it on because I had Tyler with me this time.

Tyler decided to do some pull-ups, which I wholeheartedly support. Because I'm supportive? Because I'm shallow.

He grabbed onto Truey for some of them. Like a dummy, I didn't get pictures of the three other kids that took the ride. 

On Sunday we took the most beautiful walk to the LDS temple being built right around the corner from our home. 

Claire with the fantastic pose. Temple waaaaaaay back there.

I really love Cedar City. There's not a place on earth without its share of problems and jerks. But Cedar, even with problems and jerks, is a lovely place.