Hot Air in Kanab, Utah

This weekend we visited Kanab for their second annual Balloons & Tunes Roundup.

There's nothing better than jumping in the car with my favorite people and hitting the open road. Driving down Route 89 and watching the little towns along the way. I dream of road trips and small towns and big vistas and eating local food and hearing all kinds of stories.

This was a little teeny road trip because we have little teeny children. It was about what you would expect. Moments of "I'm so glad we did this" mingled with spilled Cheetos on the car floor, spending more money than we planned and Truman screaming at the top of his lungs.

Hot air balloons. We're going up someday. Just giving Tyler fair warning.

My dear  mom came down with her friend Rosalie, which was so much fun.

Then there was this thing. Why? Why?

I don't know why.
The verdict on Kanab? Thumbs way up. Lake Powell, as soon as my little kids learn to be comfortable with life jackets, I'm coming for you.