Oh, I'm on the Spectrum

I've always leaned a tad toward the depression and anxiety spectrum. Perhaps I've even been on it. 

Lately I've been slightly blue. Not for some giant, insidious reason. Just the hustle and the bustle. A little melancholy in the quieter moments. Your standard first world problems.

I haven't exercised for a few weeks and I'm actually noticing its absence in my mood.

So I went back to the ol' gym today. I rewarded myself with this.

Do you think 9:40am is too early for a 3 Musketeers and a diet Dr. Pepper? Oh my gosh, why are you even here?

As for the glass, I don't know why alcohol drinkers should be the only ones to feel elegant and sophisticated. That glass actually, truly made me a little happier this morning. Or perhaps it was those forgotten endorphins.

It's the little things, people. Thank the heavens for the little things.