Renegade at the Gym

Tyler and the kids have Spring Break this week which means I'm super happy and super anxious about how we will entertain the kids.

I went to the gym this morning with ideas running through my head. What I really needed, though, was a little Renegade.

It plays on the overhead TVs at my gym every week day at 9am. It is so deliciously, fantastically awful.

Lorenzo Lamas riding on his bad-A bike. Lorenzo Lamas doing martial arts and then flipping his beautifully fluffed hair. Lorenzo Lamas. Walking slow-mo across camera, then glancing at you. Beckoning you. Lorenzo Lamas, pouring water over his shirtless body. From a milk jug. 

Do the creators think women like this stuff? I thought about it, and I think I get it. The creators think men like this stuff, because they think men think women like this stuff. Convoluted, yes. True...yes.

Women do not like this stuff, just in case we're not clear. A haircut, a dash of cologne, a nice crisp button-down shirt, help with the dishes. Good to go. 

And watch the opening credits because I'm pretty sure it will make your life.