Spring Break Not in Tahiti

I would love to whisk my kids away somewhere exotic over spring break, but no. Kids too little. Money too little. Me cave man.

Instead, I shot for something a little new or a little fun through the week. On Monday we took our kids to Little Brick House for family home evening. We invited our friends, the Schofields, and between our two families there were nine children, four of whom were four or younger. Sit with that for a moment. If you're judging me you'll be happy to know that my plans to teach my kids manners and refinement by eating in a restaurant were blown to [insert expletive of your liking, any of them work, actually].

Later in the week Tyler and I took the kids to Snow Canyon state park, which I cannot recommend enough. We checked out Jenny's Canyon, a super easy walk to a beautiful slot canyon.

My favorite part, however, was the sand dunes. It was a beautiful, cool, sunny day, and we were the only ones at these sand dunes. For an hour our kids played in this soft, fine, bright orange sand. The only sounds were the wind and their delighted voices. We could have stayed there all day, but I kid you not, fifteen different families descended on the place after we had been there for an hour.

All but one (the one who never sleeps) slept on the way home.
On Thursday, COUSINS. My children's great joy. My sister Kristine brought her kids for a visit and there was swimming, Minecraft, doll-playing, and an eleven-year-old toting around a one-year-old like a pro.

Debra, do you ever do your kids' hair? Yes. Does Matthew ever look at the camera? No.
They even came and supported Claire in her first piano festival, which oh, my gosh.

My children are just starting to do the things with the games and the performances and the recitals. I can't believe what a pay-off it is! They've been little human blobs for so long! Am I really now dipping my toe in the next phase?

That's a Superior, in case you missed it. BOOM. A fitting end to Spring Break.