Our Distinguished Educator

Where have I been? A short quiz:

A. I've been brokering peace in the middle east.

B. I've been thoughtfully, deliberately teaching my children the life lessons they're going to need to succeed in the world.

C. I've been partying with family that took advantage of our guest bedroom during their spring break.

Yes, yes, you got 100%. I get it.

It's been pretty exciting around here. The highlight, of course, was that Tyler Stillman got tenure. Additionally, he was named an SUU Distinguished Educator, which he totally is.

He's making me call him Distinguished Educator all kinds of places. Heh, no, I'm kidding. Or am I?

It makes me feel like gloating - by visiting a blog post from January 14, 2010. Football lovers, you will get it. Non-football lovers, even you will know who Tom Brady was.

"Tyler's been out on the job market for a little while and it feels like the economy is drop kicking us. This guy works so hard and has been so productive. But very little response from schools.

And he's starting to feel rejected. Is it him? Is he too intimidating? Underqualified? Overqualified? Maybe his curriculum vitae paper smells funny?

As for me, I'm starting to feel really defensive. Like, these people have no idea that the person they are refusing to even interview (despite his stellar CV, stratospheric teaching evaluations, and generous, intelligent and hard-working character) would be an incredible find.

These schools think they're hiring first round draft picks but many are going to end up with Ryan Leafs of academia. Meanwhile, someone will draft Tyler in the sixth round and he will go Tom Brady on their ass."

As predicted, he did, in fact, go Tom Brady on them.

This is a good man, and SUU got him.

So did we.


  1. Tyler fully deserves all the finest academic accolades! He is probably the coolest super-dude faculty member SUU ever hired! He teaches with enthusiasm, researches with competence, and has super hyper emotional intelligence, besides all the productivity he splashes out! Let's hope the administration knows how to keep superstars with appropriate equity and merit adjustments--at least to keep up with the "market" increases enjoyed by executive administrators! Sometimes you wonder who primarily makes the university learning experience meaningful for life-long learning enthusiasm and employment--faculty, of course, not administrators!

    1. Thank you, Jeff! I read this to Tyler and he had a big smile on his face!


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