The Lowes and Michael Jackson

My family went to Las Vegas this weekend to see the Cirque du Soleil show Michael Jackson One. My mom, what is there to say? She's a party girl, and if she can't find a party she throws one. We were all invited and it was fantastic.

Not enough thanks, Mom!
We ate at the Burger Bar before the show and they sat this super drunk group of early-twenties right next to us. There was a young man there with a voice that could cut glass. Like, I'm seriously not kidding. That kind of volume is stressful.

We calmly discussed how to make him stop without actually engaging him in conversation and came up with the fantastic idea to laugh, super loudly - so loudly that it would actually knock him out of his "we're the best table" reverie. It actually worked, for about 10 minutes. Juuuust enough time to peacefully scarf down my chocolate malt.

As for the show, holy cow.

This number? There was a real S & M vibe on the woman's costume during this performance to "Dirty Diana" so I super wanted to offended and uncomfortable. It wasn't a raunchy number, however, and I could not feel anything but awe at what she was doing. The strength! The flexibility! My inadequacy and general failure to be excellent!

My favorite number of the night was performed to "Smooth Criminal." Partly because it was an acrobatic floor number that blew me away and in part because it's, you know, Smooth Criminal. A perfect fusion of incredible music and incredible visual, athletic creativity. Annie, are you OK? Why YES, thanks for asking.

Although I totally believe the guy was a pedophile, I am powerless against Michael Jackson's early music. Can I love children and still dance to Billie Jean? I think so. But, you know. Find that line for yourself, I guess.

Sandy Lowe, you have brought excitement, fun, beauty and color to the lives of your children yet again.