Is That a Threat?

This is the view of the LDS temple under construction in Cedar City. It's taken from our upstairs balcony. (Upstairs balcony sounds super fancy).

There are three unsold lots right behind our home, so eventually the view will go from kind-of-pathetic to nonexistent. We would love to purchase them to preserve our kind-of-pathetic view (and maybe build an amazing underground bunker in case of a zombie apocalypse), but alas, we are not made of money.

So I'm putting it out there in the world - if you buy any of those lots, we will be terrible neighbors. We will stay up late (like, 9:30. PM!). We will not bring you cookies (unless you bring us some first). You will rue the day you bought that lot!

That's all I've got. Which is also kind of pathetic.