The Great Stillman Virus of 2016, aka Thanks, Jessie J

For that last two weeks there has been some kind of flu virus having its way with my family. It started with our little Caroline, who barfed twice in the middle of the night and passed it to Truman, who barfed twice the following night.

Not to be outdone, Matthew barfed the night after the following night. We waited breathlessly to see if it was done with us, and when there were no barfs and no fevers for a time, we piled in the car and went to Salt Lake for Father's Day.

It was not done with us. Tyler caught it, then Claire. I was the hold-out, the last woman standing. I must say, I felt pretty good about myself.

Like some kind of evil James Bond villain, the virus smiled, drummed its fingers together, monologued for a really long time (I'm assuming), and came for me.

The day we were to drive home from Salt Lake I picked my girls up from their cousins and felt like death. I wondered how long I was going to feel this way. I worried about barfing in the car on the way home. I fretted about my achiness and general misery.

Then this Jessie J song came on my iPhone - "Pricetag." I started crying.

At first I thought I was crying because I was so miserable.

I thought about it for a second, though, and I realized I was crying because I was enjoying the song so much. I'm dead serious!

Here's the moment, because I knew I was going to blog about it.
It's not about the money! We don't need your money! Truly, we just want to make the world dance. So forget about the pricetag!

Obviously, my emotions were running high. And Jessie J didn't save me from anything. I'm actually juuuuust barely starting to get over the Great Stillman Virus of 2016. But it was a moment that helped instead of hurt.