An Eventful Week

This week, oh, my. Last weekend I took the kids up to Salt Lake to spend July 4th (one of my dad's favorite holidays) with my family. They swam in my mom's beautiful pool and played with their cousins. Perhaps the two best things on earth! We barbequed and watched "Independence Day" and did fireworks. Heaven for my kids, absolute heaven.

Look at that boy! Eeee!
Sandy Lowe is a gifted swim instructor, no joke.

You know, just lounging and chatting. As we do.

At their Stillman grandparents' home they picked raspberries, blueberries, hula berries, and carrots. That yard is like a paradise, I'm telling you.

Magical memories. But for some reason one of my favorite moments was taking the kids to Fashion Place mall near my parents' house.

Malls make me happy, and it's not about shopping. They're always clean and there's so much to look at, and there are always interesting people. Hot Dog on a Stick is at Fashion Place - it was there when I was a teenager.

Yeah, that's right. I asked someone to take a picture of us in front of Hot Dog on a Stick.
So to take my children (my children!) to a place that I used to frequent as a teenager...whoah. For reals. They loved it. I'm pretty sure watching my two year old knock back a delicacy I enjoyed [as a teenager!] is the cutest thing ever. That and my two year old saying thank you ("deh-doo, Mummeee").

Then we hurried home to be part of a Stillman family trip to southern Utah.

I kid you not, this is what we did in a day and a half. Had dinner. Dug in the dirt at the reservoir. Swam at the aquatic center. Went to see Mary Poppins at the Utah Shakespearean festival. Had a pizza/birthday/apple beer float party. Played games. I mean, like serious games. Like, human Hungry Hippo. Dodgeball. Potato sack races. Other games I can't name with bean bags and hula hoops and chicken wire and long sticks.

This year is the 20 year anniversary of my meeting Tyler through his sisters. Last night I looked around at this huge group of people, 65% of them who weren't even born back then, and marveled at the things accomplished by time.

It's absolutely crazy the roads life takes you down, the seemingly uneventful moments that end up changing the trajectory of your life.