Old Friend Road Trip

Tyler sent me on a mom holiday. I KNOW.

I called old friends. From high school, college, my free single woman days. I set up as many get togethers as I could. I needed to renew friendships that were silly, obnoxious, easy, mutual, vital, impolite, available, heartfelt. It was an Old Friend Road Trip.

I piled into the delicious BMW and drove it carefully and fearfully to Salt Lake. On the way up I spoke to Cheryl over the bluetooth phone system. I lived with Cheryl and Marie (who I also spoke during my OFRT) in the late nineties, in a big old house in downtown Salt Lake near Liberty Park.

Marie and I would watch Spanish soap operas and she would translate for me. The three of us had a similar, what? Zesty energy? Unhinged quality? One night we decided we needed to streak in the alley-way behind our house. It's been 17, 18 years, but I remember Cheryl taking off like a gazelle being chased by a predator. I was behind Cheryl, and Marie? Marie wore these clunky boots that she couldn't run in. Additionally, Marie was...let's just say anatomically blessed. Being speedy was simply not in the cards for her. Oh, my gosh, we laughed!

Like this, only with no horse. And some cellulite, because GIVE ME A BREAK.

Melinda came to visit when I got there. Melinda and I sat by each other on our high school senior trip. One of had a walkman with two inputs, and we sang along to Michael Jackson until everyone wanted to kill us. It was so rude! I am truly sorry, bus. But when you know every hee-hee! and ow! to a Michael Jackson song you have a moral obligation to share it with the world. At the very least, your bus.

Grabbed dinner with Tammy, who I met while I lived in NYC. She is a free therapist, a restorer of sanity, and the predominant thing I feel whenever I talk to her is reassured. I didn't think I could love her any more until she told me last night that she runs a 13 minute mile on a good day. Plus, funny! I'm not going to friend-set you up with her, so let it go.

Erin. I met Erin in college choir. She is crazy talented. People thought we were sisters wherever we went. At a choir retreat we started hitting each other in the arm as hard as we could, until the people around us were visibly uncomfortable. I am literally laughing as I write that. Erin and I both got married in our thirties. Both married men we had dated years before. Both had two girls and then two boys. Both lost our dads suddenly and before their time. Friendship kismet.

Sometimes I feel like the only person in the world that needs closeness like I do. But isn't that good? Isn't authentic connection between human beings a good thing? I suppose. If the human beings like each other.

Well, human race, for the most part, I like you. So don't be surprised if you get a call out of nowhere, wanting to reminisce.


  1. I love reading about your adventures in life, never a dull moment. I love time with old friends it's just good for the soul. Luckily chris knows I need my girl time and I am grateful for that. Cindy B.

  2. There are so many dull moments! ;)

  3. On one of your trips up here give me a call! We can reminisce about Simmons radio and the front desk. That is, if I can possibly break away from all the kids I have running around. Good for you!!

  4. I would love that, lady! I want to hold your baby!


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