Pajama Occasion

I've noticed something about myself through my social media output. I tend to post the stuff that happens when my kids are just hanging out at home. I was looking at my Instagram account and I swear, 50% of the stuff I post is my kids in their PJs.

I ask you, how could I not?
I really get a kick out of the Pajama Occasions. Here's one for ya.

Last week I had that terrifying moment experienced by all parents - the second I realized I hadn't heard from my boys in like, 10 minutes.

As I yelled through the house and the back yard I noticed Truman's discarded diaper - the only thing he had been wearing.

The only place left to look was the entire world outside our home. So I ran out the front door.

You don't know my street, but this is waaaaay down it. They were sitting on that pile of rocks in the lower right hand corner. Throwing them.

The younger one was, as suspected, stark naked.

When I'm not having cold sweats from thinking about all the things that could have happened, I'm laughing. Laugh with me, won't you? And don't call DCFS?