The Harvest Festival

We went up to Salt Lake this weekend for the Stillman Harvest Festival. 

You guys, they're not messing around. They are not MESSING AROUND. I'm talking blue ribbons, red ribbons, white ribbons. Overall winners and category winners. Everyone acting all nice but secretly sabatoging each other. Kidding! Just on the last part.

I was very proud of this entry.

It was so beautiful! Spaghetti squash FROM OUR GARDEN. Cooked with peppers and tomatoes. FROM OUR GARDEN (along with garlic, parmesan, butter and onion stolen from my in-laws). I may not do much in the garden, but hot dang, I planted and watered that spaghetti squash. And I sauteed, baked and seasoned the bojangles out of that dish. 

Alas, it only took third place, which tells you the level of competition we were dealing with. Tyler got a blue ribbon for his homemade potato chips and a red ribbon for his scrumptious tomato. 

Caroline with the Eye of the Tiger. We got another ribbon, too, because that bears mentioning.
We took third overall. How did this wholesome habit sneak its way into my life? My mom and dad tried to teach me an appreciation of growing things, but it was the Stillmans who kindly and lovingly beat it into my very brain.

I am still totally for non-wholesome habits. Binge-eating? Check. Binge-Netflixing? Check. Trying to figure out what went wrong with Brad and Angelina? Check, and SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND.