Chores and You

I just got back from a mammoth trip to the grocery store, a chore that I hate beyond all reason.

I don't hate all of it, just certain parts. I started thinking about "multiple-component chores" (let's just call them MCCs for short), and why I hate the parts I hate.

This may be the most interesting part of your day.


Going to the store while my friend
watches my kids and shopping after
having just been paid                              LOVE

Loading groceries onto belt                    HATE

Loading groceries into car                      HATE

Loading groceries into house                 ULTRA HATE

Putting groceries away                           STRONG DISLIKE


Loading laundry and starting washer     LIKE

Switching to dryer                                  STRONG DISLIKE

Folding laundry                                      LOVE (if watching a new "Poldark")
                                                                LIKE (if no "Poldark")

Putting laundry away                              ULTRA HATE


Rinsing and loading dishwasher             LIKE

Unloading and putting away                   ULTRA HATE

Now that I've provided a detailed analysis of several MCCs that I do on the regular, let's analyze what that says about me.

Plugging in the data....beep boo bah boo bee says...

I need a trip to Bermuda.

Here's another one, just to really drive the point home.