Sneaky Sneaky

Tyler and I started putting our little chocolates in the freezer and the fridge because when we break them out after the kids go to bed they're yummier that way.

The kids find them. The kids always find them. (Cue horror music).

Until we decided to become total freakin' geniuses.

Behold, a simple bag of hash browns, tucked snugly into our freezer.

Is it hashbrowns, though? Is it?

Or is it a hiding spot so genius, so diabolically clever that our kids will never get their hands on our personal stash again?

Since my kids have no interest whatsoever in my blog, my secret will remain safe - and so will my chocolate.


  1. Did you learn that from "Gone Girl"? I've never forgotten that Dustin ate a whole "giant" size Hersheys. I rarely ate candy so I hid it in the cupboard, high up. He found it and left the wrapper. Mistake! If he'd taken the wrapper and thrown it away, I may have thought I forgot and
    ate it. But he did tell the truth that the culprit was him.


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