The Spinning Strawberry

Tyler hates the Iron County Fair. Hates it. He went with us this year, though, and I'm glad he did. It was hot, dirty, too expensive, and I honestly wondered if the ferris wheel and/or merry-go-round were going to fall apart from rust.

For me, it was worth it to get this moment.

The strawberry ride. You turn the disc in the center and the strawberry goes around and around. The six of us grabbed that disc and pulled as hard as we could. We giggled and laughed so hard our stomachs hurt. Right in the middle of it I thought, "this is as happy as I could ever, ever be."

Why, Tyler? Why?
Tyler may look like a big tough lumberjack type, but he doesn't have the stomach of one. So he laughed in spite of himself. He did laugh, though!