Reality check

I don't scrapbook. I've been trying to use social media as a way to keep record of my little family and I think it's been working pretty well.

There's the potential for misrepresentation, though, isn't there? Like our whole life is hikes and parades and cute little moments between siblings.

I feel compelled to do a reality check online. Believe me, this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.

Presenting my morning.

I did, truly, just wake up like this.

My desk while writing my blog. Yes, those are kids underpants back there.

The toy room, minutes after it was cleaned. I'm not kidding. Minutes.
I am living in chaos. It is absolutely everything I can do to read and pray together, have dinner together maybe 3 - 4 times a week, get to family home evening a couple of times a month, and make sure my family doesn't drown in the never-ending mess of their own creation (either by just picking it up myself or standing over them while they do it). This is just the stuff that's above zero - getting from negative numbers to zero is a whooollllle other thing.

All this on top of my own weaknesses, that refuse to go away overnight, no matter how hard I pray.

Can you blame me for wanting to document the moments where I'm making memories with my kids? The moments everyone is dressed and smiling, maybe getting some fresh air and sunshine?

No. No, you can't.

Also, you're welcome for that top picture.


  1. Well, your documented moments of honesty and realism are wonderful. And this entry has helped me to see I'm not alone in my daily struggles. Thank you, dear friend. You're one of those rare persons who possesses great talent and wit and happens to share those gifts with the rest of us. What you do is appreciated.

  2. Okay you're going to look back in 20 years and love seeing these pictures! Love it (PS you look great when you wake up)! Underwear on the desk is my fav!


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