Wherein Debra Does Service

My mom turned 70 on Sunday and we surprised her Friday night with dinner. The siblings all shared the stress and the fun of making sure we were at the restaurant before she got there. Then we had a delicious dinner and laughed a lot.

I add this to show my love for my mom. I also add it because it's a good pic of me. Keepin' it real. Thanks for being such a good photographer, Kristine.

She was super, duper surprised. We got her good!

My mom. My mom is larger than life. Funny, wise, comforting, generous, and I just need to add she has really great taste. She does so much for all of us. It has been sad to watch her recalibrate a life without her best buddy, my Dad. But she has been a champ. We can't give him back to her but we try our best to make her happy.

Sunday I was feeling magnanimous, indeed. I invited some lovely people for cake.

This was the cake.

Then I quickly whipped up some brownies. These were the brownies.

Crispy sides. Mushy center.
Then I made chocolate chip cookies. Those turned out OK.

So to summarize, one attempt at service was a home run. The other attempt at service was a sad limp to first base.

I mean...they can't all be home runs, can they? (No, Debra. They can't. Of course they can't!)

Thanks, reader.