Christmas "Break"

Oh, Christmas break. I have such ambivalent feelings about you. It's so fun to have extra time with the kids. Hot dang, though, it feels good when we get back into our routine.

It was a pretty good one. There were the same old problems - me, in the house all day in frigid temperatures with four kids eight and under. Additionally, everyone in Cedar City has one million things to do and places to be during winter break.

We did OK, though. We got out with some fun friends.

Pioneer Park in Saint George.


Swimming at the aquatic center. Didn't get a picture of that, but I should have. Cuz, you know. There's a hot tub.

Then there were home activities, which included forts, building snowmen, and the very quiet, relaxing activity of riding tricycles and wiggle cars around the main floor while Mom tries to clean the kitchen in short spurts so as to stay out the way.

The funny thing about noise, though, is that as long as it's not crying, screaming, whining, or fighting noise, I'm OK with it. Noisemakers? No problem! Wheels on my floor? Piece of cake. Laughing and happy screams? I'm good.

The exception is, of course, the end of the day, a period wherein I cannot take one more thing.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't summarize a very true scenario in my house yesterday that basically sums up my parenthood experience.

Truman has a runny nose. Runny, as in running into his mouth.


Claire seeks to inform Mom by yelling it across the room, then proceeds to engage in very dramatic and committed dry heaving noises.

For crying out loud!

As Mom finishes wiping the boogers she notices four-year-old Matthew jetting across the room with a cup for Claire to barf into.

If I loved my children any more my entire being would implode!

Remember, this all happened in the span of probably 15 seconds. So, yeah. Motherhood. There you have it.

This is the fort with the "butterfly room." Creative genius.