Possibly the Most Pointless Post I Have Ever Shared

I'm not a stylish person because I don't like shopping and I don't like a lot of stuff touching me.

I have long hair mainly because it can be pulled into a bun or ponytail. I don't like dangly earrings or necklaces because they're too heavy and I can't lay down on them. I don't like heels because they're a pain to walk in. I don't like anything that fits too snugly because you can't sprawl in things that fit snugly.

You may be inferring that sprawling and laying down and walking comfortably are...kind of a thing for me.

Comfort! Comfort is and always will be paramount!

Something does occasionally come over me where I fantasize about being stylish - having the women in the room turn and notice my shoes or my coat or whatever else. When that happens I buy something that I never wear because at some point I remember. COMFORT IS PARAMOUNT.

Last week it was this ring.

I think from a distance it looks really cool. But I'm not looking at it from a distance

See how different it looks up close? It's yeuuge. And now I hate it. It's so big and it feels heavy and oh my gosh it's suffocating me get it off get it off.

I was thinking last night that it looks like I could keep a serious dose of poison in there. So don't hang around me when I'm wearing that ring. If you make me mad, you never know.

Nah, kidding. I'm not going to wear that ring.* 

*(I'm not kidding about the poison. I would totally poison you if you made me mad enough).