Skydiving Does Not Automatically Make You Cool

Before Tyler and I got married I went skydiving.

This is probably about 10% so you'll be impressed with me and 90% so I can show you how I skydive. If I'm being honest, it's probably 25/75. Anyhoo.

This is how it went. The plane ride was awesome, watching the ground with its houses, roads, cars, all getting smaller and smaller.

The walk from my seat to the door of the plane - not awesome.

The jump from the plane - I remember saying the word "sh*t" over and over. And over. So...also not awesome.

Falling through the sky - honestly, I just remember being annoyed by the amount of air rushing into my mouth.

Once the parachute opened: my favorite part of it, the very best. Now we get to the main point of this post. This is what I looked like parachuting.

Why am I so incapable of looking cool? I just want to say to myself, "wipe that goofy look off your face. You're skydiving, for crying out loud. You're a daredevil! You are indomitable! Adventurous! Why do you have to look like a 3 year old whose parents just gave you a puppy?"

Alas. Coolness has never been my strong suit.