Day of Adventure

I'm obsessed with hot springs but I've been to very few. A couple of years ago I did a search for Utah hot springs and found there was one in Meadow, Utah.

Yeah, you don't know where Meadow is.

There's Fillmore, a small town. Then five miles south of that is Meadow. A smaller town.

These hot springs are out in the middle of this guy's farm and he lets people swim there.

I took my kids with my friend and fellow adventurer, Morgan. She did it with three-year-old twins and an 18 month old. So basically just writing that sentence fills me with (a) cold chills of horror and (b) the deepest respect.

We got there and there were a bunch of people and I was super annoyed. Then I had a flash of self awareness, looked around at me, Morgan and our EIGHT CHILDREN and realized WE were the problem! Not the 20 year old flying the super loud drone!* We were!

So, yeah, we chased some people away, and I'm not sorry. It was amazing. It made me want to own a farm with cows. And hot springs.

* Yes he was.