I Am Not a Good Mother But I Look Like One

This super awesome photographer took some pictures of my family. Check them out. And I'm serious. Zion Adventure Photog. Go on a nice hike with your family, get amazing pictures of it. Tell her Deb sent you for a 0% off coupon.

But seriously, look at us! We're so pretty and happy! Everyone is smiling! Such good lighting!

Those kids have never argued over who gets the iPad first. Look at that mom's hair. So curly. She totally has it together! She would never yell at her kids, that wouldn't make sense!

I love this little group of people. I love being the Stillmans. Even though we never, never look like this.

My mom was trying to make me feel better some time ago. She told me "you are a good mother." I have thought and thought about it. I think sometimes I'm a good mother, for sure. Sometimes, though, I'm not.

What I can say wholeheartedly, and 100% of the time, is that I am a loving mother.

I love them, so I work on it. I ask forgiveness, I start again, I work on it some more. I am not even remotely close to perfect, and I'm thankful I don't have to be.

I'm really thankful for everything in this picture. Including the fence.


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