Ugly Faces and Evil Alliances

I asked Tyler the other day what he has learned from me during our marriage. He said I taught him to appreciate comfortable things, which...yeah, that's true. Obviously, being me, I wanted him to be like "you have made me everything I AM, Debra Anne Stillman," and then maybe shed a couple of tears.

I'm convinced he's learned this from me:

How to make excellent ugly faces.

Here's a good one to assuage my ego.

One thing Tyler has taught me is to be better at slowing down and enjoying the kids. This is the perfect segway to show you the video he made with them yesterday while Mommy was having a "time out." It's two minutes. I hadn't lived until I saw my kids as superheros, walking in slow motion.

I love it. I love it so much I've watched it seven times this morning.

You're a keeper, Tyler Stillman!