What Is It About Monday

Yesterday I started a puzzle, hoping for some quality time with my kids. I think the average number of pieces they put in was, like, three.

But here I am on a Monday morning, seemingly incapable of moving on with my life if I don't finish that gosh-forsaken puzzle.

Quality time! With myself! (Debra, brush your hair. Put on makeup. After my puzzle).

Screen time! So they won't destroy my "cats on a beach" puzzle!
I've got to be honest, most of the good ideas I have for my kids (quality time, life lessons) are major backfires. Chalk this up as one of them.

On a positive note, last week the boys  and I walked to the corner to greet the girls coming home from school. I looked behind me and saw this.

Just talking, talking about their day. These two butt heads sometimes (translation: much of the time), so my mom heart grew five sizes.