Read this Post, Even Though it's About Spring Break

My kids had spring break last week and it was a source of ANXIETY and STRESS for me because WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH THEM all day for seven days?

There was the zoo in Salt Lake. We watched a baby orangutan being playful and swinging around. I read that back and I'm like, big deal. But it was a big deal. Everyone watching had a huge smile on their face. Babies! Also, a baby elephant eating. Also a big deal.

On Tuesday, the Cedar City library. Beautiful weather at the park, new books, and they had all these those delightful swirly things on the front lawn that my adorable five and two year old boys wanted to UTTERLY OBLITERATE. (Don't worry, library, I've got your back. I threatened them with terrible things).

Wednesday. The magical Snow Canyon sand dunes and Jenny's Canyon. If you can get there alone it's very spiritual. But also bring stuff for your kids to dig with because they're not concerned with whether or not it's spiritual. Not at all.

Thursday. The aquatic center.

Friday. Timber Creek trail in Kolob Canyon and a bake sale.

Now, this stuff took up two, maybe three hours per day. The rest of the time was fighting, messy hair, beloved screen time, and the occasional period where my kids all played and laughed together.

Spring break, I have survived you again. You will not break me. Never!!!!!!