Ah, Spring

Claire is in spring soccer and it's pretty much pure joy watching her spring around like a gazelle. She got to be goalie for the first time and it was boring for her because her entire team is the tallest and best ever at soccer, so they're always down at the other end dominating.

Anyway, it was a Saturday morning and I bundled my kids up like we were going to the South pole, and we were still freezing. Like, Tyler and I were using children to shield our ears from the super bitter wind. Best parents ever?

I would say my lowest point was the desperate moment I put this hat on.

We can agree, right? That this would be the lowest point?

Another low point because I know you guys love 'em...

Oh, Jen D. Ever lovely, ever stylish.

I played some tennis and this is how I looked compared to my friend. I'm actually going to update on this issue, because I went right home and Amazon.com-ed myself to tennis style in time for my next Saturday morning match. Stay tuned. I know you'll have trouble sleeping for the excitement, so try either meditation or possibly some melatonin, which is crazy effective. But maybe that's just me.

I'm super confused about where I am in this post and how I got here.