Parenting - Do Everything All the Time Except When You're Not Supposed to

Matthew was looking for a way in to his sisters' game this morning. He got rejected a couple of times, cried a few tears.

What to do in a situation like this? I've made the girls include him plenty of times before. Today I rubbed his back and told him I knew what it was like to feel left out. I drew him a bug (his favorite thing lately). And miraculously, he found a way in. (Matthew usually finds a way in with the girls by being the bad guy).

To watch your children successfully work things out on their own without any assistance or coercion? Better than pretty much better than anything I can think of. Even epidurals. (Just to burst this life lesson bubble, I'm going to tell you that he was crying about being left out less than thirty minutes later).


Nobody's going to tell me I can't ease my children's way sometimes. Unfortunately, they're also supposed to learn stuff. I think part of teaching your kids is helping them process it when life teaches them. Because life is going to be teaching them for...well, the rest of their lives.

So you tell me when I make things easier for them and when I let things be tough. You tell me, on a case-by-case basis. Because I. Don't. Know.

Look at Truman! I could die!