Southern Utah Wonders (Also, Kill the Gnats)

I am longing to climb back into my bed this morning and binge watch Friday Night Lights. Alas. Motherhood pauses for no woman.

I took my kids to Toquerville Falls on Saturday with my friend Jodi and her kids. We were the only ones there almost the whole time, which was amazing. 


On the other hand, the gnats. We may be one million times their size, but those little bastards aren't afraid of you. I was full of gnat-hate by the time we left. I wished them all terrible, lonely, unfulfilled lives. 

I was able to stand it for about 2.25 hours, and my kids were still devastated when I said we were leaving. Then I couldn't find my keys. Then I found my keys. In the ignition. Turned on. So the battery had run out. (Tyler is finding out about it by reading this entry, and I'm kind of hoping it's while he's at the office).

So two mommies figured out how to jump-start a car. Jodi was all positive and can-do while I was kind of positive and kind of can-do (inwardly screaming in frustration and despair). 

You're welcome for the access to my dark soul.

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