Finally, here we are!

There's no excuse. Except, please see my last entry and notice I did not have a camera cord with which to transfer pictures. So as much as you have been waiting, waiting for a new entry, there was simply nothing that could be done. Don't judge.

Over Memorial Day weekend I flew home to be honored in two showers: one thrown by my fabulous mother and sisters in law, and one thrown by my fabulous mother and sisters. It was a long Saturday. And SO fun.

A picture of said mother and sisters in law. One heck of an attractive group.

Now, a picture of the Baby Cake conceptualized and created by Allison, sister in law to the right of me in the dark blue.

This cake demonstrates the overall care and loveliness that defined the entire Shower #1. Plus, holy cow that cake was good. (Allison sent me home with the head and my mom and I nibbled it away to nothing. And no I don't care that it was a baby head! It was just a cake).

Special thanks to all the Stillman ladies for amazing food, decor, and to the Stillman and Wood family members that gave me such beautiful presents.

Shower #2 was also a treat. This was some Lowe and Kidd family and some good old Salt Lake friends. Wonderful decorations, food, and again, so grateful for all the generous gifts. Thank you mom and sissies!

For some reason I felt compelled to "try on" all of the cute clothing I unwrapped.

FINALLY. A baby bump picture for all you who have been demanding one. This is at 27 weeks.

Honestly, the picture doesn't look much different than the one we took at 19 weeks. At least not to me. You are allowed to have your own opinion. That's how it is here at the Stillman blog.


  1. I think you look fabulous. Yes, I am vocalizing my own opinion. I'm happy that you updated your blog. Your showers look like they were tons of fun.

  2. You are looking quite petite Miss Debra! Hopefully when that baby comes out you'll just shrink back down to your normal size in a day or two. This picture would suggest that you might.

  3. That may be the first time in my life anyone has ever called me petite. Feel free to say it often.

  4. I so wanted to come... i didn't get your invite and ms. hansen called me friday night, so i didn't have time to cover my show. LAME! I miss you! You look GREAT!!!

  5. You are looking fabulous, and pink is your color!

  6. I always hated when people commented to be on my size when pregnant, I mean, what business is it of theirs what size I am???? Right? But seriously, you look so great and as a previous poster said, you do look petit. Whether you want to look like that or now. Some women like looking really 'out there' and obviously 'with child' (whatever).

  7. You're gorgeous pregnant, and their shower was still better than ours...wah wah!!

  8. I think your baby bump is adorable! You look so good girl! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

  9. Nic is right, wah double wah! Curse those Stillman's and their perfect parties!! he he


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