And a Happy New Year

Christmas was wonderful. We flew home to Salt Lake to visit the Lowes and the Stillmans. Tyler and I both say it was our best visit home yet (our 4th one together). I hope everyone had a great one.

1. Rummikub, Hearts, and the one and only game of Blockus that I have ever won.
2. Playing Rock Band and kicking serious booty on the drums.
3. My mom's filet mignon on Christmas night.
4. "This is blatant disregard for respect."
5. The universal, unconditional adoration of Miss Fidget.

This is the best representation I could get of her fame the entire trip. She was surrounded by admirers. It was like a queen and her court - and she ruled with benevolence, handing out smiles and giggles like they were Smarties.

After being a parent for a short time, I have realized there are few things more gratifying than watching people love your child. It was kind of hard to leave that!


1. Why, WHY is there so much talking on the airplane intercom? I can understand the need to repeat safety measures (you know, in case the flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake ends up in a large body of water), but does the captain truly think I am interested in headwinds and knots? Just tell me we're going to get there and what time. That's all. (My Christmas wish for next year is that the pilot on our flight try to keep a baby asleep while sitting directly under the airplane intercom speakers).

2. Claire on the flight on our way home. She had mom and dad doing everything but backflips to keep her quiet. Mary Gilmore, thank you for the great gift of those colored, plastic keys. Honorable mentions to Aunt Cassidy for her farm animal pillow book and to the creator of the pacifier. Princess Claire simply will not be bored, or cramped, or hot. She will not!


  1. I have flown all over the country with Izzy. We have been on something like 30+ trips with her. The best flying tools are your boobs and an Ipod with lots of movies on it. Right now, she's too young for the Ipod but just you wait. It is so gratifying to see others adore your child. I could never, ever, EVER get sick of someone telling me how beautiful my daughter is.
    So Deb, looking at your pictures, YOUR DAUGHTER IS BEAUTIFUL!

  2. What a perfect little princess story. Other than the plan ride. It sounds like you guys had a fabulous trip! Happy New Year!

  3. Love the blog. She is a beautiful girl. Next time you're in SLC, let us know.

  4. You look AMAZING!!!! Being a mom really becomes you. I have to tell you how much your comment on my blog made me think. I was like, who is Tyler? I mean I guess I'm flattered that he thinks I'm hot, but really, who is he? Then I laughed out loud when you realized your mistake and corrected it :) It was hilarious! Thanks for starting my new year with a laugh!

  5. Yeah, one comment, those are my kids making that sweetie laugh at the photo studio. I MISS CLAIRE!! Bring her home right now!

  6. Yeah, one comment, those are my kids making that sweetie laugh at the photo studio. I MISS CLAIRE!! Bring her home right now!

  7. That girl is my favorite niece ever, don't tell Nicalee that Heidi has been dethroned! (Not really Nic, you KNOW Heidi is my fav)


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