We listened to an oldies playlist this morning. One of my girls' favorite songs is "It's My Party," sung by Lesley Gore.

Have you heard the lyrics to that song recently? Lesley's having a party, and her boyfriend Johnny disappears for a while and comes walking back in with some girl named Judy. And Judy's wearing his ring! Unapologetic tears ensue.

The disturbing thing is that after this, Lesley sings "til Johnny's dancing with me, I've got no reason to smile."

Lesley! Stand up! Wipe your nose and be gracious to your guests! Stop pining for a guy that skulked off to cheat on you and then rubbed your face in it at your own party!


 How do I teach my girls to be soft but strong? Like Charmin?

This one has rather a natural affinity for soft.

I call her Cleopatra. Loves her sleep, loves her dresses and her pearls.

Every once in a while I see some real steeliness there, but I still worry. I guess life will teach her.

Charmin, girls. Charmin!