Singing on a Stage

I think I was traumatized by my last post, and that's why it's been so long. Like, it was physically painful to put that picture of me up there. Whatever, I have my principles!

Now I have something to provide balance to the universe. Last night I sang in Orchestra of Southern Utah's production of Handel's Messiah.

That's right, I got flowers! And people clapped for me! My mom and sister deserve credit for hair and makeup, among other things. Also, my mom's short, but not that short. She was standing on a slant.
You guys, I'm a stay at home mom. Approximately 47% of my job is performed in a bathrobe. This October, I auditioned to sing a solo in Handel's Messiah. The audition was an opportunity to perform for someone, anyone. And then I got it. I got to sing this beautiful solo with an orchestra behind me.

Basically, I've been on cloud nine for 2.5 months. Every Sunday night I would go to a rehearsal and sing these glorious choral pieces about Jesus Christ. Every day I would try to find time to vocalize and get really, really comfortable with my solo.

It's honestly been a profound joy. Last night was the culmination.

I got to wear a full length dress, OK? I got to stand on a stage in front of hundreds of people and sing out loud, "I know that my redeemer liveth." I really can't express how much that meant to me.

SO ANYWAY, this is the theater.

It's tonight at 7:30. There are still tickets available. It is beautiful, so beautiful. If you live in Cedar I want you to come. I will still be your friend if you don't come. However, will I love you as much? Do you really want to wonder?